Circular inspiration: Birmingham’s secondary market for waste materials

Industrial symbiosis, often described as the ‘circular economy in action’ involves the facilitation of commercial transactions or activities (synergies) of using waste materials/by-products (or energy, water or other resources) generated by companies and integrating them as inputs into the production processes of other companies.


Read about how Birmingham has been utilising this principle of the circular economy since 2002.


Councillor Lisa Trickett, said: “At Birmingham City Council, we are proud to have embraced the circular economy. Our vision for the city as a whole is that it should be a city of growth where every child, citizen and place matters. Its local and international reach is impressive with 30 countries already having implemented the industrial symbiosis model…The beauty of the model is its simplicity and transferability with a set of values reflecting the one planet agenda.”


Read the full case study here

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