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To be good, exemplary and fairer are some of the main aspirations of the internationally renowned creator Philipp Starck. These values, which are also personified by the Riko company, one of the leading European producers of sustainable wooden buildings, brought the two together to create a line of P.A.T.H. houses (Prefabricated Accessible Technological Homes). And so the programme on Friday morning is enriched by the presentation of the project P.A.T.H. by Starck With Riko.



About the project

The desire to do good, better and fairer has long driven the work and production of internationally acclaimed creator Philippe Starck, as well as the works of Riko’s, one of the leading European manufacturers of wooden sustainable prefabricated buildings. The joint values have brought them together to create a line of Prefabricated Accessible Technological Homes – P.A.T.H.


Combining Philippe Starck’s signature timeless design and Riko’s high expertise with state-of-the-art prefabrication and energy production technology, P.A.T.H. houses usher in a new area of positive energy housing. They are designed to integrate seamlessly high eco-technology systems – solar, thermal, solar photovoltaic and wind turbines, which make it possible for the homes to produce more energy than they consume. 


In addition to the eco credentials and respect for the environment, P.A.T.H. homes combine dwelling comfort, timeless design and numerous possibilities of customisation to deliver a reliable and sustainable housing solution for customers worldwide. P.A.T.H. houses are available to buyers and future homeowners at

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