Together for circular economy: AvantCar

We are pleased and proud to have partners at our side who walk with us on the path of circular economy. Today we are revealing the sixt one - AvantCar.


Matej Čer, its founder and a successful slovenian entrepreneuer, lecturer and long-time mentor at diverse entreprenurial programmes is also one of the Circular Talks Speakers at the conference.

Why have they decided to be part of the conference?

"The partners of this conference are those who address the challenges of the society in which we live. It is our responsibility to participate, and share our knowledge and experience for the common good."

What does circular economy mean to them?

"We see the circular economy as a mindset, where we imagine the inclusion, linking and consumption of resources in the production of goods in a way that does not leave environmental footprints.


We believe that the best path is the one where the consumption of goods does not affect the environment, and where waste is re-included in the chain to generate value (in terms of energy, the production of food and clothing, the use of vehicles, construction, etc.). We thus move towards the objective of tolerant coexistence with an acceptable quality of life for all people, where the earth and its ecosystem are not subjected to change or become depleted over time.


We already know a great deal of this. What’s important is to transpose that awareness into our lives, our actions and our everyday living through the economy. We need companies that will help us reach that point; we need the support of the public, which must be kept informed; and we need laws that will promote and guide such efforts.


Each of us most “engrave” the logic of the circular economy into our work."

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